Here’s the thing:

The House is still controlled by the GOP. Increased economic disparity will make it more and more clear who’s really at fault, and make it far less likely that a Democrat will win in 2016 (ESPECIALLY if we get off our butts and find a winning candidate, not just someone we think can beat the Dems) we have 4 years to help cultivate the right nominee.  Because the House and Senate are in deadlock, very little is likely to get done. Remember how long it took to pass Obamacare? And that was with a super majority at first. Obama would have to do some extremely crazy nonsense to institute everything he might want to, and people will be on guard. The ball is very much in his court, and the worse he makes things, the more and more people will notice. More importantly WE. ARE. STILL. HERE. The group of people against Obama’s failed policies grows larger every day. Do you really want to give up on your country so easily? You really want to pronounce America dead while it’s still kicking, and accept defeat just because your candidate didn’t win? You had to know this was a possibility. It’s EXTREMELY difficult to beat the incumbent. It’s human nature to stick with what’s familiar, even if they don’t like it. So for heaven’s sake STOP with the “America is over! The end is near! We’re all gonna die!” nonsense. Get a freaking hold of yourselves! We are AMERICANS and we never say die! So get up and be patriots, not a bunch of defeatist punks. We sure as hell ain’t giving up our nation without a FIGHT.