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With more and more “establishment Republicans” agreeing with and voting with Democrats, it begs the question “what’s the difference between the parties?”

Thankfully we have people like Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, and Jeff Sessions to be a guiding light to the rest of the no backbone Republican party. Maybe John Boehner will wake up and take note.

Face it...



Tumblr doesn’t love minorities, they love their kind of minority

Tumblr doesn’t love women, they love their kind of women.

Tumblr doesn’t love LGBTQ they love their kind of LGBTQ.

The minute you deviate from the way they want you to think, feel, and act, you’re as worthless to them as all the “bigots” they claim to hate. Tumblr is not an accepting place. 

Another whiny-ass conservative whining that not everybody wants to give them ponies and blowjobs for believing harmful bullshit. 




Europe’s Jew-hatred dressed as anti-Zionism

Even from across the Atlantic, it’s startling to see mobs of Europeans joined by Arab immigrants rampaging through the streets of France and Germany shouting, “Death to the Jews.”

The demonstrators are ostensibly protesting Israel’s ground operation in Gaza, but the stink of anti-Semitism hangs over so much of what is happening.

In Paris, for example, eight synagogues have been targeted in the past week alone. Other targets included Jewish-owned stores and kosher butcher shops.

In Berlin and other German cities last week, mobs draped in Palestinian flags defaced synagogues to cries of “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.”

Said the head of the German Jewish community Monday: “Never in our lives did we believe it possible that anti-Semitism of the most primitive kind would [again] be heard on the streets of Germany.”

Even in Britain, where demonstrations were not as violent, a group of protesters drove through a heavily Jewish neighborhood shouting, “Heil Hitler.”

All this is in response to Israel’s decision to send ground troops into Gaza to destroy both the rockets Hamas has been firing into Israel and the tunnels it uses to sneak terrorists into the Jewish state for attacks.

Which reminds us: When the death toll is reported in terms of Israeli soldiers versus Palestinian civilians, how many of these latter deaths are Hamas terrorists fighting in civilian clothes?

The mobs claim to be outraged by the Palestinian dead in Gaza. But the French prime minister rightly observes that “hatred of the Jews” is lurking behind “a mask of anti-Zionism.” Indeed.

This hatred the European Union has fomented with policies that treat the Jewish state as the source of all conflict in the region.

Sometime in the next few weeks, the fighting in Gaza will end. But the violence on the streets of Europe suggests the ugliness there is only beginning.

Looks like the fine line between anti-zionism and anti-semitism has been breached. Again.

It’s like the equator everyone knows it’s kind of there but no one ever sees it, the line I mean

(Source: New York Post)

Iran Supreme Leader: The Only Solution For Crisis Is Israel’s Destruction


The Supreme Leader of Iran said in a recent interview that there won’t be peace until Israel is completely destroyed, implying that that should be the goal of the Hamas.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated on Wednesday that the only solution for the region is the destruction of Israel, and that the armed confrontation must expand beyond Gaza.

Meanwhile, revolutionary guards announced new missiles which could destroy Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Iranian state, reported today that Khamenei addressed the conflict in Gaza in a meeting with Iranian college students.

“These crimes which are beyond imagination and show the true nature of the wolfish and child killer regime, which the only solution is its destruction,” the ayatollah declared to his audience. “However, until that time, the expansion of the armed resistance of the Palestinians of the West Bank is the only way to confront this wild regime.”

@kuro-arashi-ame said: Has anyone ever called you a “sell-out” or “Uncle Tom” (don’t know if they’d call a girl that) yet? Those are the two most common names my favorite black conservative (E.T. Williams) gets called and it is really sad.

Similar things, yes. 

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